Fatty Liver NASH Clinical Study

Fatty Liver NASH Clincal Studies

Between 5% and 12% of people with NASH will progress to cirrhosis1.

This is a great opportunity to receive a free Fibroscan fatty liver test (no obligation), if you qualify.

The Fibroscan is non-invasive, like an ultrasound, and the appointment only takes a total of 30 minutes.

Right now there are no FDA approved medications for fatty liver, clinical trials are going on right now. The Fibroscan test is free as it is part of the screening process to find people who qualify to participate in the research.

Please provide your info below to receive free information about our current Fatty Liver studies. We will contact you to see If you qualify for the free Fibroscan fatty liver test.

Those who proceed to qualify for a fatty liver medication study (after pre-screening) may receive up to $4,650 over the course of the study.

*All information is kept strictly confidential


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