Top New Jersey research clinic to start human trials of potential COVID-19 vaccines

(Raritan, NJ) June 11, 2020: Dr. Robert Falcone, a leading clinical research investigator, is set to begin vaccine trials at New Jersey’s Amici Clinical Research. Named one of the America’s most innovative research centers, Amici is one of New Jersey’s only dedicated research centers and is on the leading edge of research into COVID-19 vaccines. Starting this summer, Amici will be investigating a number of vaccines which have been developed by several pharmaceutical sponsors. Vaccine clinical trials are often fully enrolled quickly and interest from New Jersey residents in the COVID-19 vaccine trials is particularly high given the devastating impact the virus has had on the state’s residents.

The studies being carried out by Amici are double-blind. This means that neither participants nor the doctors and clinicians conducting the study will know whether participants will receive a trial vaccine or a placebo. As with most vaccine trials, approximately 50% of participants will receive a placebo. Double blind studies ensure that the results are valid and stand up to scientific scrutiny. The vaccine trials will admit pre-qualified participants on a first come-first served basis.

In order to be pre-qualified, participants must be a healthy adult up to age 85. Volunteers must have never been diagnosed with presumed or confirmed COVID-19. They must not have had a fever with cough or shortness of breath in the last four months. They must not have HIV, Hepatitis B or C or have immunodeficiency or an autoimmune disease.

“Trial participants are heroes,” explains Dr. Falcone. “New Jersey has been hard-hit by the COVID-19 virus. We see the devastating effects that the virus is having every day. We hear the heartbreaking stories on the news every night. Along with the medical professionals who are working on the frontlines or pouring hours into the search for a vaccine against the coronavirus, participants in vaccine trials are heroes. Without being able to confirm the effectiveness of a vaccine in human populations, we may never effectively control this virus which would make it difficult for return to normal life as we know it,” says Dr. Falcone.

Clinical trials are set to begin mid to late summer. Study participants are volunteers. There is no cost to participate and compensation will be provided for time and travel typically from $50 to $120 per office visit depending on the study.

For more information about participating, please contact the Amici Research Clinic at 908-458-9114 or register online at